Mission Statement

"To awaken people’s consciousness of simple yet powerful laws of health; and to demystify the benefits of fermentation for complete well-being, by introducing “Kuezo Kombucha” in their routine. So that they learn to restore the body’s natural healing ability through infinite nutritional excellence"

How is kuezo kombucha unique?

KueZo Kombucha is a restoring fermented drink that is skillfully brewed and harvested in small batches. Our brew cycles are
optimized to make sure the final drink is low in sugar, and rich in gut-friendly microbes & bioavailable nutrients (vitamins,
antioxidants, essential acids etc.). We follow strict fermentation and hygiene protocols and use clean/chemical-free ingredients to
offer healthy Kombucha. Our kombucha is unpasteurized and has natural effervescence.
We have been experimenting with new raw materials and native herbs under different fermentation conditions, which results in the
change of chemical compositions and health benefits of the final product. Indian herbs and spices have therapeutic properties such
as being anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-oxidative etc. Their routine usage, though, is hampered due to unpleasant taste or
low bio-availability of their healing nutrients. Therefore, we are fortifying our kombucha with the right combination of herbs and
In essence, we are keen to inspire a movement for the revival of fermentation tradition in India by offering kombucha in both
original and herb-infused form. With our commitment to mindful indulgence, KueZo invites you to sneak the benefits of ancient
Indian herbs in a delicious kombucha way.

Why make kuezo kombucha a routine ?


We are failing to thrive in this microbial world because our lifestyle and approach to health have become divorced from nature.
When our body holds onto unhealthy residues for a long time, intestinal microbial balance (i.e., innate immunity) deteriorates, and
our health is seriously compromised. It stands to reason that we are dependent on bacteria for many aspects of our existence and
functionality. Approximately, 3-4 Lbs. of microbes (gut-microflora) are present in our gut, without them we wouldn’t be able to
grow, digest and metabolize food.


At KueZo, we are practicing the ancient art of fermentation to convert the most sought-after drink – “Tea” into powerful health
drink – “Kombucha”. With KueZo Kombucha, you can take control of your health and invite the good bacteria and yeast into your
own ecosystem and transform your health and lifestyle substantially.


Drink Wise, Think Wise.
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